Motor Vehicles Registration

First Time or Out-of-State Title & Registration
A person who purchases a vehicle or brings a vehicle from another state is required to title the vehicle(s) within 15 days. If the owner of a motor vehicle does not reside in Kentucky, the vehicle shall be registered with the County Clerk of the county in which the motor vehicle is principally operated (KRS 186.020).

New residents titling vehicles in Kentucky must present the current out of state title. In some states, if the money were borrowed to purchase the vehicle, the lien holder would keep the title. In those cases, the County Clerk’s office must contact the lien holder and have the title sent directly to the County Clerk. Information concerning the lien holder must be submitted to the Clerk. While waiting for the title to be sent, a temporary one time (30 day) license plate may be issued. The owner must provide proof of insurance and current out of state registration before the temporary ‘tag’ may be issued.¬†Insurance policy effective date cannot be older than 45 days from the date of the transaction.

The following documents & information are required:

New Vehicle Titling & Registration
The following documents and information are required:

Kentucky Registration Renewal
Your vehicle license plate/decal must be renewed each year. Generally, most plates expire in the birth month of the owner. The Kentucky Revenue Cabinet mails each vehicle owner a renewal notice-listing amount of property taxes and license fees due. It is the owner’s responsibility to renew, even if a reminder is not received. The notice is not needed to renew the plate/decal.

There are some plates that expire in months other than the owner’s birth month.

Vehicles or trailers that have March expirations:

The following documents are required: