Recordings FAQS

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What are your hours of operation?

See the hours on the Contact Us page.

What are your fees for recording and copying various documents?

What is the rate on property transfer taxes?

The transfer rate on property tax is $1.00 per $1000 of the property’s sale price.

Can I call and get information over the phone about recorded information?

Yes, if you know the buyers/sellers name and a specific date then certain recorded information can be given over the telephone, otherwise, you must come to the county clerk’s office.

Can I get copies of documents at the County Clerk's office?

Yes. Copies can be made by you for $0.25 per page in the copier in the Record Room. Printouts from the computers or copies made by the office staff are $0.50 per page. A certified copy is $5.00 for the first 3 pages and $0.25 for each additional page.

Will the County Clerk's employees call if documents are incomplete or fail to meet Kentucky Statute requirements for recording?

No. However, Recorders will prepare a rejection form and include it with the rejected document as a method of explanation.

What is the most common mistake made that causes the rejection of paperwork from the Recording Department?

The most common mistake is not including a Preparation Statement. A Preparation Statement must include the printed or typed name, address, city, state, zip code, and signature of the individual that prepared the documents that will be recorded.

What other mistake would cause a rejection from the Recording Department.

The following will result in a rejection from the Recording Department:

  • The incorrect submission of fees will result in a rejection from the Recording Department.
  • The address of the Grantee on Assignments is missing. ( Kentucky Statute requires the address of the Grantee on Assignments.)
  • The Preparation Statement is prepared but is not signed.

What is the turn around time for receiving original documents from the County Clerk's Office?

When documents are brought to the Recording Department, they have recorded immediately the following review. Please allow seven to ten days to receive the documents by return mail or, the original document can be picked up after five business days. Once received in the office, the turnaround time can be two weeks.

What is the process to release a lien?

A release statement is prepared by the lien holder and then presented to the Recording Department. Individuals using the Campbell County Clerk’s release form to release a lien must appear in person to receive and complete the form.

Who will contact businesses when recording fees change?

Fees seldom change. Fee changes require legislative action. If fees change, the County Clerk will provide notification of such changes. If you would like a list of current fees you can visit the Recording Department.

Is it necessary to have the original book and page number to establish the priority of mortgages?

No. Every recorded Mortgage has a recording receipt or recording clock. The information received through that receipt is the document’s own reference number, date, and time of recording.

Is it necessary to have the Assignment document notarized?


How do I file my business name as a (DBA) Doing Business Under an Assumed Name?

If you wish to file a business name as a sole proprietor, you will come to the county clerk’s office. At the Deed Room Desk, you will obtain a DBA form to fill out. You will then record the business name at the Recording Desk. There is a $9.00 recording fee and an additional $2.00 charge for notarization.

Do I need a blood test in order to get a marriage license?


How do I get my personal name changed?

Personal name changes are only recorded at the Campbell County Clerk’s Office, these are processed through Probate Court. When Probate Court approves the name change, the record is recorded at the Recording Desk in the clerk’s office

How do I schedule an appointment to get married at the County Clerk's Office?

The County Clerk’s Office does not perform or schedule appointments for marriages.

Are UCC Filings or Fixture Filings recorded in Land Records?

Yes, UCC Filings or Fixture Filings are recorded in Land Records when Real Estate is involved. The property can be described by the property address or with metes and bounds.

How are individual names indexed?

The names of individuals are indexed as they appear on the document. The surname is followed by the given name and the middle name or initial.

How are firms names indexed?

Firm names are indexed as they appear on the document. The indexed name begins in the surname field and continues through the middle name field.

Are dashes, commas, periods, and hyphens included in the indexing of names?

No. A space is used in place of all dashes, commas, periods, and hyphens that appear in the name.

Does the indexing system use any specific abbreviations in indexing names?

Yes. The indexing system abbreviates the following:

  • Company-CO
  • Corporation-CORP
  • Association-ASSN & Incorporated-INC
  • Trustee-TR

When indexing a firm name is the word "The" used as the first word in the indexed name?


Does the system allow for inquiry by using an address?

No. Properties can be identified with an address but the description field is not an avenue for inquiry.
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