Titling and Registration

Number Name
TC96-002 Statement of Employer Supplying Motor Vehicle
TC96-003 Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer
TC96-004 Odometer Discloser Statement (Leased Vehicle)
TC96-005 Odometer Discloser Statement
TC96-015 Application for Special License Plates
TC96-016 Request for Motor Vehicle or Boat Record Which Includes Personal Information
TC96-159 Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Sale (To Satisfy Lien)
TC96-167 Affidavit for replacement-County
TC96-169 Application for Motor Number or Vehicle Identification Number
TC96-170 Claim for Refund of Truck License Fee
TC96-171 Claim for Refund of Motor Vehicle License Fee
TC96-179 Kentucky Self-Service Storage Act
TC96-182 Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration
TC96-183 Notice to County Clerk of Vehicle Acquisition
TC96-184 Motor Boat Transaction Record Application for Title/Registration
TC96-187 Title Lien Statement (In I-Form Library, Interactive)
TC96-191 Affidavit Supporting Vehicle License Application
TC96-192 Affidavit Supporting Repossession and Disposition of a Vehicle
TC96-204 Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit
TC96-207 Application for Volunteer Fire Fighter Plate
TC96-215 Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles
TC96-216 Statement of Current Service in Kentucky National Guard
TC96-218 Application for Personalized License Plates
TC96-220 Application for Special Legislative Plates
TC96-221 Application for Special “Judiciary” Plates
TC96-228 Application for Disaster and Emergency Services Plates
TC96-347 Application for Special Registration Plate for Disabled Persons

Revenue Cabinet

Advalorem (Property) Tax

Number Name
62A044 Affidavit for Correction/Exoneration of Motor Vehicle/Boat Property Tax
61A203 Apportioned Vehicle Property Tax Return
62A023 Application for Exemption from Property Taxation
62A500 Tangible Personal Property Tax Return
62A500COV Personal Property Tax Forms and Instructions
62A500-I Instructions – Tangible Property Tax Return
62A500-W Tangible Personal Property Tax Return (Documented Watercraft)
62F300 Help The Revenue Cabinet Identify Freeroaders

Usage Tax

Number Name
71A100 Affidavit of Total Consideration Given for a Motor Vehicle
71A101 Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Multi-Purpose Form
71A103 Application for Protective Refund of Motor Vehicle Usage Tax
71A151 Enterprise Zone Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Exemption Certificate
71A163 Affidavits to Support Interstate Motor Carrier Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Exemption
71A165 Nonresident Military Personnel Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Exemption
71A204 Valuation of Wrecked Motor Vehicle

Board of Elections

Elections / Voter Registration

Number Name
SBE 01 Voter Registration Card

Application for Marriage License

Application for Marriage License Download


Open Records Policy Download
Request to Inspect Public Records Download

Other Forms

Application for Social Security Card

Number Name
SS5.PDF Application for Social Security Card Form
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